Role - Product Design 

Description - 
An elegant wine holder that is suitable for batch production. Drawing inspiration from the turning and curving flow of rivers and the complex beauty of vines. The shape embodies the harmonious parts of nature's simplicity, perfection, imperfection, and complexity. 

Environmental and Social Impact - 
As an emerging designer, it is important to craft products with a sense of purpose and a profound awareness of their effect on the global ecosystem. The world needs innovative and thoughtful designs that leave minimal footprints on nature and on future generations. In my pursuit with ELLI, my primary focus has been on longevity. Plywood, a common material, often employs synthetic glues that, if left in landfills, can harm the environment and potentially release toxic emissions. Therefore, I wanted to ensure quality and durability, effectively extending its lifecycle.
Once the product has served its intended purpose, it can be returned to the manufacturer, where its materials can be efficiently recycled. The product also minimizes wastage during production where its excess material gets repurposed into coasters, which is then offered as an add-on product.
In an effort to inspire fellow designers to seek environmentally friendly materials, I have committed to donating 20% of the retail wins from the coasters to research organizations dedicated to advancing sustainable materials.

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